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sense in massachusetts one of the state's there are 55 types of businesses exempted completely so massachusetts thinks it is okay for people who worked at a gas station or a movie theater to not be with their family but somehow if you worked at target or wal-mart that you have to be with your family. gerri: special rules? >> not many gas stations are open and i would say a lot are close. maybe not the major highway but it is a choice but to date there was a workout in whole foods in chicago somebody was fired because they refused to keep the pizza hut open. there is a trend with the big box stores whitening the time they're open and basically those who don't want to be working would have to work the. >> hall paternalistic to say if you were getting gas station your buck -- your boss to make the decision but in a wal-mart then the government makes us decision ? those who are lower wage workers should not be entitled to get time and half that a lot of employers offer or not during those hours? whole foods does offer time and half with my understanding and has more spots available to
in massachusetts came up with a new mash up word for today. thanksgivukkah. experts say based on the current greg or yan and jewish calend s calendars, they won't fall on the same day again for more than $70,000 years. >> pretty impressive. >>> the macy's thanksgiving day parade made its way through the streets of new york city today. the big balloons were allowed to fly, but had to stay close to the ground. this year, they were five feet lower than normal. even then, sudden gusts made the balloons hard to control. the parade started back in 1924 with animals from the central park zoo. it was such a success, organizers decided to make it an annual event. >> and in north dakota, a couple of hunters captured this scene. a phenomenon near the town of leonard. it's a nearly perfect circle of spinning ice. experts say they have seen similar patterns in river when it begins to ice up, but unusual for one to be so round. some are calling it mother nature's work of art. >> still ahead, heartwarming story that puts the giving in thanksgiving. >> surprise one mom got when to those who've encountered welco
hebrew and published in 1640. it was done by the puritans out of the massachusetts bay, colony. one of the remaining copies will be auctioned by soth by's in new york. and the estimated value 15 to $30 million. >> if they only knew back then what they were making. >> right. >>> tony and stephie are cooking up turkey, bolognese. >> i love the smell of basil. >> i thought you were eating. >> i could try a little piece of fresh basil once in a while. it is good for you. gives you clean breath, i hear. >> and it does. >> and we browned the turkey a little bit. sauteed it with white onions. >> once it was brown, we put in the tomato paste. the tomato paste covers everything and then add the sauce and then 5-10 minutes, it comes together and it reduces down. >> we will add some cheese here. >> when you add cheese, a little bit of pasta water because the cheese will take out any moisture. >> nice and spicy with a lot of red pepper. >> go ahead. >> is that all right? >> perfect. >> regular pepper and a touch of oregano. >> put that on top. and this is what we meant with the color. isn't tha
and massachusetts have the day off. blue laws rule where shopping is prohibited today. >>> time for stories you may have missed, the holiday travel for most people is other or nearing the end. that massive holiday storm that grounded planes and delayed trains is moving off the east coast. forecasters say it will be gone today leaving behind strong winds. >>> two people were killed in brazil after a crane collapsed at the site of a stadium that will host next year's world cup. an investigation is under way. >>> pizza hut decided to rehire a manager after he was fired for refusing to work thanks gufg. tony rohr was asked to keep his franchise open. once message spread on facebook the company backtracked. >>> you can call him iron man. in japan kimio nakagawa was recognized by the japan government for excellent ironing. each year the labor ministry pecks out the nation's finest craftsman, usually a chef or craftsman. he irons by hand not a presser. he says the best iron never leaves a trace. >> look at that fold. >> so masterful he gets orders from people hundreds of miles away. i could use him in my
for emergency crews. no injuries were reported. in massachusetts a mother says someone has given her a holiday surprise she will never forget. this mother of six year old twins and a 20-month old admits money has been tight but she was still determined to make christmas special. she bought several hundred dollars worth of gifts at her local walmart on the layaway plan. she had hoped to have the gifts all paid off by mid- december but as it turned out she didn't have to worry. an anonymous donor paid her balance in full. she says the gesture is about so much more than money. and adds her faith in people and their kindness is stronger than ever. here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. fish and other wildlife are making their return to other strains our rivers to 200 this not thousands of panhandlers. >>: they are stacking the rocks or pieces of concrete and wait for the fish to move up to a shallow area into a pool that they designated for and then they tied the net within the banks and then they blocked the the river with concrete. the use shopping carts as well and they di
, massachusetts and maine ban stores from opening on holidays. as we mentioned, our other cause for the celebration, reason for the season, the 87th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade now winding through downtown manhattan. john terrett has been following the parade. he is in mid town. what was the reaction? because you were there when word went out that the balloons were going to fly >> reporter: there was a huge cheer went up. i have never heard anything like it. all of the people, 8,000 volunteers that macy's wrong els for this parade. when the word went out from amy cute, who is the chief parade officer, she said, we are flying. and everybody went hooray. a big cheer went up. >> that's good. in all seriousness, they took this very, very seriously indeed. and they have to because there are rules if not laws in place now after a couple of incidents in which people were hurt when these balloons came down too close to the ground during high winds. so had the winds been sustained at more than 23 miles an hour or gusting at more than 34 miles an hour, they won't have flown them
newton, massachusetts... a wine-cellar rat from corvallis, oregon... and our returning champion, a writer and stay-at-home dad from asheville, north carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard. as i wasing backstage, i was thinking how things work out on "jeopardy!" three weeks ago, we had a number of players become champions and not win too much money. in one case, less than $2,000. this week, it's been quite different. big winners like steven yesterday. can he keep it going, though, as he faces tracy and bryce? let's find out. good luck. here we go. today, these categories in the jeopardy! round. that sounds strange, doesn't it? alex: steven. let's try the nixon years for $200. steven. who are the mets? yes, the miracle mets. the nixon years, $400. steven. what is the moon? good. nixon years, $600. answer -- daily double. just like that.
island and massachusetts. the puritansland at plymouth. all have remnants of old blue laws. congratulations to today's winner, allen henry. probably not a puritan pill gram. send your trivia suggestions to daily we'll be right back. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. to severe plaque psoriasis... the frustration... covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infect
might last several years and farms in oregon and massachusetts could be particularly hard hit. al jazeera. >> boy t has been a big "newsweek" for the nba. we have more in sports. >> no shortage of drama. derrick rose, he is now going to miss another entire season following his latest knee surgery. and then kobe bryant has to play defense in regards to his big contract extense. any time lebron james returns to cleveland we're all reminded of the decision. our john henry talks about the latest from the association. >> the a cleveland cavaliers are not doing themselves any favors. they have the worst numbers. they have a new coach who trying to find his way there. it doesn't look like an appealing deal. then keep this in mind. by the time the game starts it will be 50 degrees less there man miami. his kids won't want to go back to cleveland any time soon except summertime. you see in lebron's mind, the owner chewing him out, the fans burning his jersey. why would you go to another rebuilding situation. i don't see this happening. except maybe at the end of th os career. i expect pat
, for our viewers in rhode island, i was looking this up, maine and massachusetts, it's illegal to open for big stores on thanksgiving. >> what you think? >> i think -- well, you know, i -- i've stopped enjoying full stop whether it's thanksgiving or not. quite frankly, i'm happy that a store's closed. it's good to take a breath, spend time with loved ones. >> for the family. >> but you have the economy, the u.s. economy, very reliant on consumer spending. >> i will not go near a mall on a normal day. >> i've joined that club, too. there you have it. >> too much. hopefully you've been able to visit with family, little hassle as possible. winter weather preview that blasted across the country this week, certainly slowed travel down a bit. but thank goodness did not bring it to a grinding halt. >> looked like they managed to get where they needed to go, in most places. snow in michigan, western new york, pennsylvania, there was rain in atlanta, windy conditions along the east coast. they did contribute to the traffic mess. it's the coldest it's been in 100 years in atlanta on thanksgiving
in main, massachusetts, rowed island banned stores opening. >> we. >> it is busy here. there are hours to go towards the 6:00 pm hope time. remember when it was black friday. now i saw references to black friday week or gray thursday. it's the creep of the holiday consumer race into thanksgiving. best buy opened last year at midnight. this time it's setting the clock back again to 6:00 pm local time. people are eager. consumer electronics - the spendier electronics - they are eager to get deals that they can't get any other time. most of the folks gave up their turkey dinner to be here in pursuit of deals on computers, television. some even camped out here all night. >> i only had one blanket like a jack jacket, sweater. my toes were frozen. >> it was the first time for me to be in this line. >> we had a big brunch for thanksgiving. we did it all in for breakfast. and we came here. >> that penny wise young man talked his dad into thanksgiving dinner. he saved up half the amount for a 46 inch television. the gentleman who gets his deals, he's going back to the mall to do more shopping.
. but it's not happening everywhere though. laws in maine, massachusetts and rhode island, ban shopping on thanksgiving. katherine barrett, what are the crowds like out there? >> well they're growing quite a bit. this store is set to open in just half an hour. there have been people camped out here all night. there are people who started to line up this afternoon. but now the line stretches around the building and back across the parking lot. store managers say it will take until at least 9:00 p.m, even if they open in half an hour to cycle people through to get what they want. they are handing out tickets so there won't be that mad trampling dash for if -- for the door. there were people with tents up who had been camped out here all last night. >> i only had one blanket on me, like a jacket, a sweater and some sweats. my toes were frozen the whole night. >> just first time for me to stand in this line. so it's upsetting. >> we had a big brunch for thanksgiving so we did it all in for breakfast and then we came here. >> now, that young man had talked his dad into giving up that turkey
of shoppers. including a number of women that can't do this in their home state. >> we are from massachusetts, the stores will not open on thanksgiving. there's no way. we think it's different. but, you know what, when in new york, do as new york does. it's different. i mean, it feels odd, it doesn't feel like thanksgiving , but we are not home either. >> so, you know, a lot of shoppers were torn when we asked them what do you think it's like shopping on thanksgiving. should macy's be open. a lot of shoppers were in there because the parade. we were from outside of town. we met new yorkers that had had their thanksgiving dinner. it was okay. macy's opened at 8:00 pm. that was not the case across the country. retailers opened earlier. i think for many people, it interrupted their thanksgiving holiday, especially if you had to go work. >> do people feel like the deals are better today on thanksgiving than they will be tomorrow on black friday. >> a lot of shoppers came out tonight. it's cold here in harold square. they were here for the bargains. they are better from tonight. and then the deal
island, maine and massachusetts banned big box stores, department stores and large super markets from opening today and on christmas day. some of the laws go back to colonial times. efforts by business groups to overturn those laws have failed. >>> ahead at 10:30. going beyond extra patrols. how retailers plan to keep shoppers safe this black friday. >> now to the south bay where we have new details tonight in a deadly officer involved shooting in east san jose. started at 10th 30 this morning with a stabbing that left three people injured. police say the suspect then car jacked a nearby mini van and led police on a short chase which included going the wrong way on interstate 680. >> this man was coming -- this van was coming towards us swaying crazy like 17 miles per hour. oh, my gosh, what is this guy doing? >> all ended a short distance away. that's where we mind maureen with one family's tail. >> reporter: since our earlier report, this has since reopened and we can show you where the mini van crashed into this tree. and we were able to speak with the father inside this home who i
. that the jury is out. it worked in massachusetts. it's not looking good in the early months. the question is how will it unfold. the president unfortunately got himself in a box on two issues. one nobody would lose their health insurance no matter what and the other idea is not everybody will be better off. some will have to pay more. that's the nature of insurance. for every story of yours, there's an editorial in "journal" where a woman can't get insurance and is very sick. it's a year to the mid-term elections. the website will be a memory by then. the question is are people signed up. >> we'll get back to this but we have another big story this morning. later today twitter will begin trading on the new york stock exchange. the company has listed its initial public offering at $26 a share. it's the largest technology ipo since facebook debuted last year. >> so steve should willie and i buy this stock? >> willie asked me that before. i didn't want to answer off camera. >> i know. i heard that. i pretended i didn't hear it. i asked you on camera. >> steve, should i buy twitter? let's talk about
u.s. troops in afghanistan says he prefers a prison in massachusetts because they have better medical treatment. what do you think of that? >> this is like a scene out of a hollywood disaster movie. take a look at this. we can't hear it there but you see the road explode right there front of that vehicle. this happened in russia. the road erupts right in front of the driver. a dash board camera caught the whole thing. the driver escaped. it is believed a gas main erupted under the road. >>> chaos caught on camera as a deer burst through the window of a frozen yogurt shop in new jersey. the drama playing out at the peach wave yogurt store. the deer slides all over the floor and knocks over dining chairs, tables. i guess he was looking for sprinkles or something. an employee from another business came over to help the owner get the deer out but the damage was done, about $5,000 worth. >>> we all know first grade can be really stressful. ask this girl. she was feeling so overwhelmed by all the homework, so what did she decide to do? she wrote her senator, joe manchin, west virgin
protests across the country. other demonstrations took place in virginia, massachusetts, florida, maryland and right here in the bay area. at the wal-mart in san leandro, five were arrested for civil disobedience. they were chanting and marching outside the store on davis street. the average employee makes $1.85 an hour. protest ever say it needs to be well above that. >> that's a poverty wage. they are having to take on second jobs, they are having to use food stamps, other public programs to get by. >> wal-mart released a statement saying that the company's wages fall at the higher end of the retail industry and the company said that most of its employees make more than the minimum wage. >>> some shoppers at a kohl's store are angry after saying they were denied special sales prices. dozens of shoppers at say they were told the black friday sale ended while they were actually still waiting in line. many of them said they were in line for hours, long before the sale prices were set to expire. >> they kept saying they were going to honor the sales until 2:30. >> standing in line for tw
ready, skee-daddy? time for the "lightning round." we go to john in massachusetts. john? >> caller: hey, how are you? what do you think about 3-d systems? >> we prefer strat sis. that's been our one the whole time. the whole group is red hot, but stratus is the one we decided is the best. douglas in washington? >> caller: hey, jimbo, how is it going? >> all right how. you? >> caller: great, great. my stock is unt -- >> yeah, we got tired of unp. why? it missed the quarter really badly. we decided to exit on the strength. i got to tell you. i don't think you should own this stock north of 160. let's go to bobby in georgia. bobby? >> caller: great big georgia bulldog boo-yah to you, man. >> love them when they're on tv. can't get enough of the georgia bulldogs. what's up? >> caller: all right. i wanted to ask you about high max, himx. >> we like that. >> buy, buy, buy! >> but i don't believe their technology is that good or else google wouldn't be doing what they're doing with them. let's go to jonathan in washington. jonathan? >> caller: hey, jim, big fan. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm lo
, but they're better than the massachusetts numbers were in the first month. they're higher percentage of the uninsured who bought insurance. a lot of people are browsing. we know they're going to buy, much later. so those -- that's -- those are good numbers. i don't -- you know, it goes back to what the president said, and that now that we parse it, it wasn't true. and that's what's causing the trouble. if those -- if those representations hadn't been made, i don't think we would be having this controversy. but for president clinton to make it sound like, you know, it was written into the law that -- if you liked your policy you can keep it, to make it sound like the federal government made this promise, that's really not what happened. >> i also think stupidity and stubbornness are a horrible recipe. and so i don't know where else in people's lives they would fight to keep some crappy thing they have to pay monthly for when they are offered something better for the same price. >> that's not what's happening with everybody though of the. >> i a lot of people don't realize their plans
to massachusetts, but changed their minds after seeing the forecast. they got a last minute flight instead. >> it was painful. we could have gone to the bahamas for a lot less i think. >> reporter: mother nature doesn't always cooperate with a great thanksgiving escape. once we get through today, forecasters and travelers alike look ahead to sunday, the busiest travel day of the year. so we just saw a delay pop up here at reagan national. we can tell you nationwide there are roughly about 150 delays as we speak. that number is pretty low now. we expect that number will definitely go up. just as far as specific airports, most delays we're seeing is at charlotte, hartsfield in atlanta and o'hare. the most cancellations that we're seeing is boston logan, newark and laguardia. back to you. >> thank you very much. this is one of those stories, very few, where i really hope we're wrong about what we're saying. i hope that they figure out how to handle it. but many of you are in the airports, watching us, but it's airports, other hubs are already filling up with people getting hit with a delay. i
was auctioned off at sotheby's in new york. it was printed in 1640 by the leaders of the massachusetts bay colony. only 11 copies are known to survive. auctioneer david redden explained what the buyer intends to do with it. >> it sold for $14 million to david rubenstein a philanthropist who will be sharing it with libraries around this country and eventually putting it on long term deposit at one of those libraries. >> ifill: the seller of the book was boston's old south church, which sold it to finance its ongoing ministries. the church still has another copy. president obama kicked off the thanksgiving holiday early at the white house today with the traditional annual turkey pardon. flanked by his daughters, the president officially saved a bird named "popcorn" from ending up on a thanksgiving table. a second, back-up turkey named "caramel" was also pardoned but didn't appear at the ceremony. pardoned turkeys end up at george washington's mount vernon estate in virginia. still to come on the "newshour": another delay for the health care law; the bribery scandal that's rocked the navy; te
in massachusetts under governor romney. so this notion that somehow this is a liberal agenda is fantasy. putting that aside for a second, when you look at the mechanics of it, every big policy when you roll out is going to have implementation issues, this is more severe because it's around a website. but that aside, you're going to have more significant signups as you get closer to the deadline. are there going to be people who are holding off who would rather pay the fine or somehow stay on their parent's coverage? yes. but if you're looking at some of the good news that's coming out, people with pre-existing conditions now can get health care coverage. families can now cover their young adults. you've got families who can get preventative health care, the cost curve is being bended down. there are positives that are being outweighed, unfortunately, by the negatives of this rollout. >> final word? >> actually, it looks like the cost curve is bending up. you've seen health care growth slow down since 2004, although it looks as though there are a variety of things, including a weak macroeconomic
these shopping days on thanksgiving. >> that's right. a vestage of the old blue laws in maine, massachusetts, rhode island prohibiting a lot of stores opening on sundays and holidays. in new hampshire, there is a manager of a sears who was told by corporate to open today and she is refusing. richard? >> going to buy a tv later if it fits in the car that is. compared to yesterday it's a much better weather day to head out for dipper or shopping. it's windy as well in new york city and we are waiting to see if the macy's thanksgiving day balloons will fly. 16 balloons will be grounded if the sustained winds top 23 miles per hour or wind gusts hit 34 miles per hour. watching those wind gusts, before bill heads out to have a very good thanksgiving turkey. you got the stuff right there. >> we don't get a lot of breaking news on thanksgiving. macy's has just tweeted out what's going to happen with the blons. >> and? >> they are saying let it fly. al roker know what is he's talking about. you can give al a shout out today too. >> and bill too. >> that's all right. al roker is like the grand marshal
in rhode island, maine and massachusetts. that is because they can't! blue laws as they're called prohibit department stores from opening on thanksgiving or other major holidays in those states! some retailers have backed legislation to change those laws but so far, those effort have failed. >>> new this morning, two men have major injuries after this crash up in santa rosa. it happened after police tried to stop the car for a traffic violation. they say the driver got up to about 100 miles an hour on steele lane before missing the turn on to marlowe road. it took out a pole, fence and as you can see part of the house there, as well. >>> also new this morning a car goes over the side of an embankment on 92 in san mateo. four people had to be rescued, one had a broken leg, the vehicle fell about 600 feet. one person actually had to be pulled up in that rescue basket there. highway 92 and 35 closed in both directions for a couple of hours but now back open. >>> millions of people lining the streets in new york city right now to catch a glimpse of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you're ta
, massachusetts, in maine, they have what's called blue laws which ban large supermarkets big box stores and department stores from opening on thanksgiving day. some retailers have been trying to get those laws changed but a lot of retail workers and traditionalists up in the northeast are pleased. >>> happening today glide memorial in san francisco is getting ready to serve thousands a full thanksgiving dinner. our ryan takeo is there as the final preps are happening this morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. they plan to feed 5,000 people at glide memorial today. several hundred hands will be used to prep for today. this will be a carving station. we are in th prep kitchen. you see the vegetables on the table over there. volunteers will be here in an hour. i'm going to show you some video from last night. we were here last night. there were about 50 volunteers that were prepping for today's meal. later on 500 volunteers are going to be here today. glide leaders say there is always a waiting list of volunteers on thanksgiving day. here's the thing. if you have not sign
. massachusetts, neighboring new hampshire has blue laws that prevent stores from opening on thanksgiving. new hampshire does not. but i understand you're going to try to change that. >> yes. so my hope for this, now that i got the media's attention, i want everyone that believes i'm doing the right thing to stand up and sign my petition on it's listed as retailers to be closed on thanksgiving. and allow the lawmakers to know that we're serious about this issue. they need to set precedent in the united states of america to say this is unacceptable, stores will be closed on thanksgiving day. so people can enjoy time with their families. >> good for you, holly cassiano, making a stand for the holiday and staying home. thanks for joining us by skype. cnn has reached out to sears for a statement but has not heard back yet. they did tell our affiliate whdh, however, we have encouraged all of our dealers and franchises to be open thanksgiving evening because we believe that is what many consumers want. >>> one thing that would make the white house thankful is a meeting, a self-imposed de
isn't available to everyone. laws in rowed island, massachusetts and others banned the stores from opening on the holiday. joining us with more on the beginning of the holiday shopping season. kilmeny duchardt. you are at kmart. they are open on thanksgiving. 6am. anyone shopping. >> believe it or not, yes. there are people shopping. about a dozen shoppers just went in because kmart opened at 6am this year - yes, these retailers are opening earlier and earlier every year. one woman that i spoke to in the front of the line said that what brought her in was the android 7 tab the, which was going for $40. kmart gave that door buster. she's doing holiday shopping as we speak. >> are shoppers getting the best deals if they shop at 6 become. are they better off waiting until black friday or until today? >> well, what some retailers are going is they are staggering the sales to bring customers into the store multiple times, increase the foot traffic which is what they really want, and prevent the mad dashes that we have seen in the past that can be fatal. but it's also a tactic on the ret
the list of doctors and medical facilities that will take my insurance is limited, and my massachusetts doctors are not on the list. the one closest to me, portsmouth hospital, is not on the list. kathleen in new castle wrote the exchange choice will not allow me to use my docks including -- docs including primary care who is affiliated with portsmouth hospital. all oncology doctors are in boston, not covered. margaret in stafford wrote me she currently goes to frisbee memorial hospital which is not part of the exchange. she described the impact this way. i would no longer be able to go to frisbee memorial hospital which is four miles away. i could no longer see the gynecologist whom i trust. i could no longer use the surgeon who saved my life when emergency sucialg was required. -- surgery was required. i could no longer visit the same internist. if i were to develop heart problems, i could no longer go to portsmouth regional hospital. gregory in rochester said that his primary care physician is at frisbee. he said that means he'll have to go to another hospital. and what he told me, h
or something. you're really smart from massachusetts. i've seen it -- >> right. i have competition. i have competition in the senate. >> that could never happen. >> i won't run against elizabeth warren. are you crazy? >> so then you -- then you have time to take up golf. all right, thank you. >> yeah, right. >> see you later. >>> coming up, we'll talk about gauging the consumer. walmart out with quarterly results. we'll do a channel check with dana tellsly next, and find out what she's seeing. and from playing cards to fishing rods, household appliances, somebody has one of the brands in their house. we'll talk to the chairman of jarden. your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] each one of us is our own boss. ♪ and no matter where you are in life, ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help
insurance with those he created in massachusetts in 2006. live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c- span. >> i thought it was fun to have a little view of history of a time in america that was not instructional. first and foremost, that was a and a bit more anecdotal little bit more archaeological, meaning random. you take a look at them and see bunches of weird photos and then the pet -- the captions explain them. i had a vision of high school students flipping through them and loving history if they flipped through them. headc network ahead -- with the big picture sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's to a quote -- a."nd the room atin congressional hearings, white house events, and offering complete gavel to gavel coverage of the u.s. house, all as a public service of private industry. we are c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. now, you can watch us in hd. >> also speaking at the event, general martin dempsey. a wide-ranging interview covering afghanistan, iraq, and the threat of cyber attacks. this is 40 minutes. [applause] >> well,
in bridge wather, massachusetts, rallied arn one of their own who was being bullied and showed what they and we all could be made of. >> well put. >> reporter: his spirit is infectio infectious. his voice, giant. >> who are we? >> reporter: and he's the most dapper kind ergartener you have ever seen. he rights up every room he's in. and the sidelines. he is the manager for the football team. he was born with a speech disorder. recently at school, kidding were teasing him. his teammates heard. they reacted. >> we didn't want him to get picked on. maybe if we all wore suits they would stop picking on him. >> reporter: 45 boys, all dressed in suits and ties. all rallying around danny. brothers to the last. >> we heard that danny was getting picked on. we thought we would all have a day to dress up like danny. and we thought we would sponsor danny. to um -- show danny that we love him. and -- that we love him very much. >> everybody's cheering him on. and when he's -- everybody loves him. >> reporter: and danny was asked if it was a great day for him. >> yeah. >> reporter: and his paren
-per-hour, from massachusetts to long island. rhode island had a 59-mile-per-hour wind gust. and look at the cold air that's gone to the deep south this morning. good morning, atlanta. 22 is the way that windchill is this morning. tallahassee, feels like 31. even orlando has a chill this morning at about 40 degrees. we have a cold thanksgiving start. but we're not the morning show that delivers one parade. ladies and gentlemen, you get a two-fer here. right here in philadelphia we have the oldest running parade. and we have another one in new york. we have another one in philadelphia. i know we'll be going back and forth all morning long. >> that's right, sam. we will be heading to ginger. do we have ginger right now? a touch-and-go affair. such is the weather here in new york city. but, ginger, you're braving it for us this morning. will the balloons fly? >> reporter: a very happy thanksgiving it will be here at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. look behind me. the nets up. we see snoopy and woodstock, the pumpkins to the right. yes, the balloons will fly. it's certainly breezy but a little co
's from massachusetts. she got to the finals of "arab's got talent." rob nelson is on the story. >> reporter: she is the one of the arab world's hottest shows. wauing judges and audiences, singing in a language she barely knows. >> i speak a bit of moroccan dialect since i've lived here for a while. >> reporter: 23-year-old jennifer grout, who told us via skype from a coffee shop in morocco, that the reaction was mixed at first. >> when i first started playing, i heard a murmur of laughter throughout the audience. but 30 seconds into it, it changed to appreciation. and it changed to cheering. >> reporter: it was a teacher's friend who con for instanced jennifer to try out for the competition. singing one of the most recognizable songs in the arab world. >> my friend contacted me and told me, it might be a great idea for you to audition for this show. >> reporter: she comes from a family of classically-trained musicians and has been singing since she was 5 years old. >> it's actually normal for me, as a classically-trained singer, to sing in languages that i don't speak fluently.
. rethink possible. >> in massachusetts a mother says the someone has given her a holiday surprised if she will never forget. this mother of six a year old twins and a 20 month old admits that money has been tight. she bought several hundred dollars' worth of gifts at her local wal-mart on the layaway plan. if she had hoped to have the gives all paid for by mid december but as it turned out, she did not have to worry. an anonymous donor paper ballots and four. >> i was just so shocked, when i told my children i was in tears. i am so grateful. >> there are really good people still out there. >> she says said the gesture is about so much more tmonday he and their kind is a stronger than evermore than money. she as that her face and people and their kindness is stronger than eveith in people and their kind as a stronger than ever. >> coming up on the kron4 morning new spread shoppers are hitting the malls and stores this morning as black friday officially is under way spread >> a shopper in loss vegas shot while shopping on black friday. we will have the details coming up. >> sasha fleisman t
, alex, is to understand that when we rolled out medicare part d when massachusetts did its health care, universal health care system, they had similar delays. there were peaks that april came well into the open enrollment and certainly part did was not without its bugs in the system. the idea is not to point a finger of blame but extend a hand of help on behalf of congress. let's get together and get this thing running. people want to embrace the benefits of the act. i hear it more and more. look, i've been asked to vote 46, 47 times over to repeal the affordable care act by the republican majority in our house. they have wanted to destroy this opportunity for our americans to have health care benefits since its inception. and it's time to really get to work and get the system running. >> representative tomko, is there an educated guess as to what the numbers may be when they're released officially in about a month? do we have any idea, speculation how many people are signing up? >> you know, it's hard to say. in my hope state of new york that has its own exchange, we're at 160,000 or
's different. i don't know the answer there, though. >> massachusetts was slow to start, she, by the way, no doubt the most powerful woman in the world, i think. >> i think you may be right. >> i was going to say merkel or potentially soon to be yellen. >> no. she's been commenting on people. but i still think valerie is above merkel. how many people do they have in germany? this woman is powerful. anyway, this is a weird one. if there's one thing about medical science, it definitely is an art, not a science. and we don't know what to do a lot of times with cholesterol and heart disease and what helps it and what you need to do. now more people, i guess, could get statins, but other people don't need statins. so there are some new clinical guidelines being hailed as the biggest shift in cardiovascular disease prevention. the change could more than double the number of people who qualified for these cholesterol cutting drugs, the biggest selling drugs like lipitor. more could qualify, but a new guideline, the panel recommends abandoning the guidance, that you need a number, like below 100
know from the case of massachusetts, which launched a health insurance exchange several years ago, it took most people an average of 18 different touches before they made up their minds about which plan to buy, so judging from that, if those 1.5 million people signaled that they were going to buy coverage, we can expect that they'll be doing things like calling their friends, doing a little bit more analysis objec on websites and assuming we can work out the glitches, those people will sign up. >> so you fit into the camp that says the glass is half full. the administration saying that those people being dropped and they total also in the million wide receivers they have substandard policies. if i'm one of those people holding that policy, tell me what's substandard about what i bought. >> if you look at the what is required under health insurance going forward and by the way, this apply to say all health insurance, not just the covering that people will buy on insurance exchanges, you have to now have coverage in 10 essential areas. that includes, for example, prescription drugs,
at massachusetts, but a stranger played a decisive role. in 1963, paul was a part time tour guide at arlington house. it sits atop a lil over looking arlington national cemetery. eight months during dallas, he had an unexpected visitor. >> it was late afternoon, early evening and cars pulled up. a gentleman with ear phones hopped out and said the president was here. >> almost unthinkable now, the president was out on a lark. >> he said that he and his friend were just driving around town looking at the city and looked up here and neither of them had been here, so they thought they'd come up here. >> he led them on the tour of the house. >> then we came out here and the city is incredible. >> the words kennedy spoke next would loom large in november. >> he paused a little longer and the city was just beautiful. he said you know, this is so lovely, i could stay here forever. >> i could stay here forever. >> a friend with the president that day remembered those words, as the family debated the site of the burial, he told them the story. soon, there were more representatives there to scout it out.
in massachusetts in 2006. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. -- quacks i --t >> i thought it was fun to have a view of a time in american history that was not instructional. it was a little more anecdotal and actually a little more archaeological, meaning random. you take a look at them and you see bunches of weird photos and the captions explaining them. i had a vision of high school students flipping through them and loving history if they flipped through it. n moves from the world of cable to that of author with "the big picture was quote on c-span's q&a. event, speaking at the chairman martin dempsey, chair of the joint chiefs of staff. he set down for a wide-ranging interview, covering afghanistan, iran, and the threat of cyber attacks. this is 43 minutes. [applause] >> well, general dempsey, thanks very much for joining us. you heard a lot about leadership in our last session. it seems to be the topic here in washington. everybody seems to be searching for it. we have a room full of ceos. they manage 5 million employees. you alone have 2 million in uniform. so i figu
in massachusetts in 2006. atshington journal" is live 7 a.m. eastern. >> this week on newsmakers, texas representative mac thornberry is leading an effort -- he talked about u.s. forces in afghanistan, military militaryand information gathering practices. here's part of the interview. >> a key part of what the u.s. intelligence community does is cooperate with intelligence agencies of its allies. -- with what wikileaks is brought out, will any of those allies ever again the unitedith states? >> i don't know. if i were they, i would have to wonder about it. it is deeply disturbing. as i was just saying, we have very limited resources. a key fact or in our success has been working with others and cooperating and coordinating our efforts. if folks think that anything they said to us is going to be leaked out in some way, they're going to cooperate less. who would blame them? i would say that is one of the consequences to these recently. -- the white house is replacing considering the nsa director keith alexander when he retires in this ring. to think it is a good idea for civilian to be in
are going to be shopping on thanksgiving. >> rhode island, massachusetts and maine have blue laws prohibiting big stores from opening on thanksgiving, including super markets and department stores. >> big bangs may need to pony up more for those sub prime mortgage losses. rating>> the i.m.f. consideringn to put more burden on bond holders, it feels it made a mistake forcing countries such as greece and port actual to bear all the pain of their recovery. the idea of shifting some of those costs to investors facing stiff resistance from bankers and the u.s. >> hewlett packard will be in the spotlight today, posting a profit in its fourth quarter. that's despite strong corporate demand for the raise in its expectations, cost setting also helping the company bounce back. >> keep him or kick him out? a vote today that will determine the political future of italy's former prime minister. >> we're getting used to paying cash from a.t.m.'s. some banks could start charging to oh simply hold your money. >> manny pacquiao can beat many opponents in the ring, but can't beat the tax map. detai
be somebody at home to don't have to fight. >> perhaps the pilgrims saw this coming. in maine, massachusetts and rhode island is against the law for stores to be open in thanksgiving things to puritan inspired blue laws. heather: i was not aware of that. happy thanksgiving to you as well. jamie: a powerful storm hitting the northwest and northeast. we're going to go live to the weather center to let you know what you can expect today. heather: and the comment of the century. thhistory don't want to miss. >> this is floyd hopson. i'm currently deployed in southwest asia. i want to send a special shout out to my family and friends back home in memphis, tennessee. i love you all, i'm having a great time, shout out to my mom, shout out to my sisters and brothers, love you all. i will see you soon. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. jamie: heavy snow and rain slammed the midwest and northeast this week. what is going on today? in the fox extreme weather center. >> the storm is gone. we had it yesterday, made things a lit
with family and employees. npilgrims saw it coming in maybe main and massachusetts and rhode island. it is against the law for stores to be open on thanksgiving thanks to purittan blue laws. >> i am down with the stores closed on thanksgiving. it is enough already. >> really, sourcely? >> why are you surprised? >> fro enterprise. >> people should be at home with their families. that is my little prospect and not the law on this. >> thinking of capitalism and fro markets and letting people do what they want to do? >> shocking new details of a bride a cowed of pushing her husband to death just days after they say ido. she wanted someone else dead as well. >> and a closer look at a high- tech flight simulator that is helping israel'sary force training for long range missions and why it is particularly relevant in the fox news exclusive. hello, i am in afghanistan and i want to wish my wife and daughter from a lmagoredo, new mexico happy thanksgiving. i wish i was there with you. i will be home son. go cowboys! [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pept
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